9391 ”Ergo-garden” spray pistol

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Multi-function shower spray with ergonomic handle grip, ideal for all your irrigation needs in the garden, allows you to choose from 4 different jets in an instant by rotating the front lock nut. All the jets can also be adjusted at will, thanks to the lever equipped with jet lock system, which is very useful in preventing hand fatigue in the event of prolonged use.

>shock-proof and weather resistant

>mechanism to lock the water jet

>anatomic handle grip



Multi-Jet spray pistol with practical ergonomic grip. Rotate the pistol head for different jets: from jet to soft fan wise, gentle soaker, shower and aerator spray (jet mixed with air bubbles). Very useful for watering potted plants. Selector device and lock for required jet.

>Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System

>Jet adjustment: concentrated, gentle soaker, shower, aerated

>Adjustment: open/close