8054 Oasis Evolution

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One of Claber’s original and most successful products is now available in a more advanced model, for watering indoor pots when you are out or on holiday. There is no need to leave the tap on or connect the product to the power mains. The backlit LCD display allows to check the selected watering programme, along with its duration and all the other settings. Supplied complete with everything you need to set up a drip irrigation system for up to 20 pots, it works using two AA 1.5 V batteries, making the product fully autonomous and reliable.

>high visibility, backlit LCD display

>two AA batteries

>up to 28 days of autonomy

>immediate or delayed start up to 23 hours

>elegant, modern design



Fully independent water-distributor, ready to use in few minutes and extremely compact. No need of connections to a tap or power mains. Oasis® Evolution contains 25 litres of water and provides waste-free drip irrigation for up to 20 pots running on a daily cycle. Four different programmes (7, 14, 21, 28 days of autonomy), selected with a simple dial. Start button to start the programme immediately or with a delay of up to 23 hours. The backlit LCD display shows the selected programme, duration of the irrigation cycle in progress, any programmed delay, and the time remaining until the next irrigation cycle. Compact, elegant design that overlooks no detail. Operated by 2 x AA 1.5 V batteries (not included). Supplied with 10 metres of PVC feeding hose, 20 drippers and 20 hose stakes.

>Packaging: kit

>Pipe diameter: 1/4"

>Hose length: 10m ()

>Maximum capacity: 25 ()

>Voltage: 1.5V

>Outlets: 1

>Programmes: 4 preset

>Watering duration: da 00:07′ a 00:29′

>Powered by: 2×AA - 1.5V