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Essemax is a iron chelate belonging to the latest generation, specifically formulated to treat iron chlorosis in fruit, vegetable and nursery flowering crops. Essemax is directly supplied to the root apparatus of the plants by fertigation, lister or injectors. The chelating agent EDDHA, present in its active ortho-¬ortho form in high percentage (5.2%), makes the product very stable even in highly alkaline soils, providing maximum efficiency in turning plants green again and longlasting action.



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Thanks to the presence of the active iron, which is able tocatalyse the physiological and bio–chemical processes such as the formation of the chlorophyll, the chlorophyll photosynthesis, and the metabolism of carbohydrates, the plants treated with Essemax are greener, more vital and productive. The modern formulation, made of micro granules, shows several practical advantages, which can be summarized in a quick solubility capacity and improved distribution homogeneity.

Water-soluble Iron (Fe) 6%

[o,o] EDDHA chelated Iron (Fe) 5,2%