8884 Aquapony Kit

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A successful product among gardening enthusiasts: the compact hose reel that you can hang on the wall or transport wherever you wish, with no spatial issues. Offered in a small, easy to transport case, it assembles quickly without tools and is complete with 15 metres of hose, jet spray nozzle for all your irrigation needs, 3/4" tap connector with 1/2" reducer, 4 automatic couplings, one with Aquastop to connect and disconnect the spray nozzle without having to shut off the tap.




Aquapony® removable reel with: 15 m of 1/2” Silver Elegant Plus hose, 3/4” (20 - 27 mm) tap connector + 1/2” (15 - 21 mm) reducer, 4 automatic couplings, spray nozzle.

> Packaging: kit

> Inlet thread: ½", ¾"

> Pipe diameter: 1/2"

> Automatic water shut-off: Aquastop

> Jet adjustment: concentrated, cone

> Adjustment: open/close

> Hose length: 15m (Ø 1/2")

> Maximum capacity: 20m (Ø 1/2")