Work Champ XL 0.8564.XL

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Quick Overview

Large Pocket Knife with Combination Pliers

Robust, rugged and ready for anything, the Work Champ XL is the ultimate portable tool chest. Capable of performing a colossal 31 functions, it’s a true

workhorse-meets-champion hybrid that delivers tangible results wherever, whenever. From combination pliers, metal saw and file, wire stripper and wood saw

to corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver and can opener, there’s no obstacle the Work Champ XL can’t tackle.

Key features

•The practical tool chest for sawing wood or metal, cutting wire and opening cans

•Swiss made pocket knife with 31 functions

•Includes the largest amount of functions within the Workman 111 mm range

•Item number 0.8564.XL

•Height 41 mm

•Length 111 mm

•Weight 341 g

Additional Info:

  • Weight: 341 g


1-large blade

2-bottle opener, lockable

3-wire stripper

4-screwdriver 7.5 mm

5-wood saw

6-metal saw

7-metal file

8-bottle opener

9-can opener

10-screwdriver 5 mm

11-hoof cleaner

12-screwdriver 3 mm

13-seatbelt cutter

14-shackle opener

15-marlin spike

16-reamer, punch

17-Phillips screwdriver 0/1, long


19-Phillips screwdriver 1/2


21-wire cutter

22- wire crimping tool

23-gutting blade

24-screwdriver 2.5 mm



27-key ring

28-mini screwdriver