1. 9133 FLEXYFORT GREEN Ø 1/2” M 50

    For those looking for great pressure resistance, this bright yellow hose is made without using harmful substances. View More


  2. 9391 ”Ergo-garden” spray pistol

    Multi-function shower spray with ergonomic handle grip, ideal for all your irrigation needs in the garden, allows you to choose from 4 different jets in an instant by rotating the front lock nut. All... View More


  3. 9563 Multi-Jet

    Simply rotate the soft rubber lock nut to choose from 4 types of water jets. Even the handle is rubber-coated for perfect grip in all conditions. The rear push-button allows you to turn the water on o... View More


  4. .8623 1/2” (15 - 21 mm) tap connector

    To easily and quickly connect a coupling to a 1/2" tap without using any tools. Ensures a stable, leak-free connection. Its ergonomic design makes it easy and convenient to use even with wet fingers.... View More


  5. 8054 Oasis Evolution

    One of Claber’s original and most successful products is now available in a more advanced model, for watering indoor pots when you are out or on holiday. There is no need to leave the tap on or connec... View More


  6. 8413 Aquauno Video-6 Plus

    To manage up to 6 irrigations a day with precision and reliability, programming times and frequencies with only three keys and displaying all the functions on a large, legible liquid crystal display.... View More



    Simply rotate two knobs, one for the time and one for the frequency, to manage irrigation with the utmost ease, creating your own customised irrigation program.


    6... View More


  8. 8428 Aquauno Video-2

    Manage up to 2 irrigations a day with precision and flexibility, programming times and frequencies with only three keys and displaying all the functions on a large liquid crystal display. The program... View More


  9. 8483 TEMPO LOGIC

    The water timer is extremely easy to use: simply press a push-button to select one of the 19 pre-set programs for all the most common needs.


    -DELAYED STA... View More


  10. 8525 Smooth tap connector

    Allows for couplings to be connected to even the most common taps without screw threading with the utmost ease. Ensures a stable, leak-free connection. Convenient tool-free screw system and resistant,... View More


  11. 8535 ”Pro” spray nozzle

    Ergonomic, elegant nozzle allows you to easily and perfectly adjust the jet of water without wasting a drop by simply rotating the cap: from jet to fan spray, depending on your irrigation needs and th... View More


  12. 8537 ”Plus” spray nozzle

    Compact, practical spray to easily obtain the desired water jet without wasting a drop. The comfortable handle allows you to regulate the flow rate at any moment to satisfy all your irrigation needs.... View More